Benefits of Unified Communications

Nowadays, employees of an organisation are NOT all located in the same office, building, city, or time zone and working the same hours. Instead, the globalisation and mobilisation of the workforce has brought about a widespread distribution of workers.

The notion of Unified Communications (UC) has been prevalent in the industry for a while now, and as the types of communication have developed, so too has the idea of what UC actually represents. Whether you see it as UC, collaboration or a mixture of both, the fact remains that it can provide an organisation with a number of palpable benefits, ranging from cutting infrastructure and technology costs, to having a more dynamic and productive workforce.


The Benefits

Having an effective UC solution and strategy ensures your workers:

  • can collaborate on projects, ideas and day-to-day operations in a simpler and more productive manner;
  • can communicate via voice, video, email and IM, in real-time, from different locations and using different devices.

An effective UC solution, provided by one or multiple vendors, should:

  • eradicate the complexity of your workers having to use shared applications; and
  • simplify the overall communication process within your organisation.

Other Advantages

  1. Your organisation could save on hardware infrastructure and IT costs with fewer physical work stations needed and the adoption of “Bring Your Own Devices” or BYOD.
  2. If your employees are in different locations they can set up meetings via video thus removing the need to travel.
  3. Not only does the reduction in travel have cost implications, but is more environmentally sound and places less stress on the employee who may travel extensively which cuts into their work / life balance.
  4. UC also has benefits for other functions of the business, such as human resources. For example, when vetting new employees, interviews can be conducted via video conferencing making the entire recruitment process faster and more efficient; interviews can be performed ‘on the spot’, candidates are not required to travel, scheduling is more painless and interviewers can now be located in different offices.


In Conclusion

The overriding benefit for the implementation of an effective UC solution is employee productivity. UC enables your staff to work in the way they want to, with the tools they choose and using the communication methods they find most effective.

What are your thoughts on this subject? Are you considering an UC solution for your organisation now or in the future? Does your organisation already have an effective UC solution, and if so, how has your work changed? On the other hand, you may have an UC solution that is causing more problems than benefits?


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