What do you need to consider when establishing Corporate Governance for I.T. ?

A key strategic consideration for most senior IT executives in 2014 and over the next few years will be Corporate Governance for IT, or ‘IT Governance’.

As with my organisation, many firms procure key IT services from external providers, suppliers and vendors. This implies the need for a governance framework to control the delivery of IT services is becoming more and more crucial than ever before.

Here are a number of points to consider for establishing IT Governance in your organisation:

  1. Get your management ‘buy-in’ and ensure you have access to funding – This must to be one of the first steps in any improvement initiative.
  2. Launch a project or programme.
  3. Establish your ‘as is’ or current environment.
  4. Identify what you presently have in place.
  5. Define the ‘to be’ or future vision of what you want to attain and why.
  6. Identify and classify the gaps between your ‘as is’ and ‘to be’.
  7. Produce an IT Governance framework
  8. Develop a roadmap to get you from your ‘as is’ to your ‘to be’ scenario.
  9. Formally engage the stakeholders.
  10. Plan, manage and make the required improvements.
  11. Carry out reviews and provide the necessary reporting.

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