Challenges facing Mobile Technology in the Oil & Gas Industry

Oil and Gas Industry Statistics

  • Mobile technology was ranked second of the top ten priorities, as stated in a recent survey conducted by Oil and Gas IQ of CIOs in the oil and gas industry.
  • 55% of respondents felt mobile technology solutions would greatly enhance their operations.
  • However, only 16% of respondents have employed a mobility strategy so far in their respective organisations.
  • Of the top 50 oil and gas enterprises, only 1/3 currently have mobile apps.

I have taken, what I feel are, three of the biggest challenges facing mobile-based solutions in the oil and gas industry:

  1. Site Location: Energy-based companies typically operate in remote areas so the challenge would be in developing and building a full working mobile service model. Some locations may not even be able to have server support at all so sustaining that would be of prime importance to ensure effective and justified investments in such remote mobile solutions.
  2. Security & Protection: Current security threats, which are becoming the norm include malware, phishing and hacking, so an appropriate security system will need to be implemented while using mobile-based solutions in order to protect your organisation’s data.
  3. Data Privacy: The term ‘Cloud’ is now common place in the market and with the majority of internet users. Cloud services have a number of disadvantages but the one particular concern that stands out for me is data privacy. There is a higher risk for data to travel on cloud computing services whose servers are located in other legal jurisdictions.


  • There are many benefits to be gained for such opportunities in the mobile technology space, especially for organizations that build enterprise mobile-based solutions across all the functions of energy companies.
  • Mobile technology solutions are in the early stages, and there are challenges in quantifying its effect on the energy industries.
  • However, co-innovation in technology will accelerate the results and provide users with more efficient solutions.

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