Oman’s Exports to India at $2.5bn


Oman’s export to India which had been showing signs of faltering after attaining a peak of over $4,000 million in 2010-11 has again taken an upward trajectory, thanks to the Sultanate’s resolute bid to have export as a key factor to secure a robust growth to its economy. India’s latest export-import data from its union Ministry of the Commerce and Industry shows that Oman’s net exports to India has been worth over $2,572.42 million during April-December of fiscal 2013-14 and has already surpassed its export worth $2,009.72 million during the fiscal 2012-13 by over $500 million. A rough arithmetical calculation based on Omani exports worth $2,572.42 million to India in barely nine months of fiscal 2013-14 would show that the Sultanate might already have bypassed its export benchmark worth $3,395 million of 2011-12, though still falling a trifle short of its 2010-11 peak of $4,000.07 million by around $500 million. Read more . . .

Source: Oman Daily Observer





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