Top 5 Most Valuable Sports Teams in the World

  • The top three slots are occupied by football clubs.
  • Forbes calculated the value of the teams based on equity, debt and stadium deals.
  • NFL teams fill 60% of the top 50 slots, occupying 30 places.
  • The 20 non-NFL teams in the top 50 include six from MLB, eight from football, four from NBA basketball, one from the NHL ice hockey league and one from Formula 1 motor racing.


The Top 5 list of Most valuable sports teams in the world, according to Forbes are:

1. Real Madrid C.F. – They are worth an estimated $3.44bn (£2bn).

2. FC Barcelona are in second place and are valued at $3.2bn.

3. Manchester United F.C. are third, with a value of $2.81bn.

4. New York Yankees – The MLB baseball team are valued at $2.5bn.

5. Dallas Cowboys – The NFL American Football team are worth $2.3bn.

Source: Forbes



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