Top 10 Countries with Largest Gold Reserves

1. USA – The United States gold reserve percentage is 70 percent, with the physical stockpile reaching 8,133.5 tonnes.

2. GERMANY – The current German gold total is 3,390.6 tonnes, making up 66 percent of the country’s forex reserves.

3. ITALY – The country’s forex reserve ratio sits at 65 percent, with the country holding slightly more gold than France. Italy holds 2,451.8 tonnes of gold in reserve.

4. FRANCE – The country currently holds 2,435.4 tonnes. France has a high reserve percentage in gold investment, reaching 65 percent.

5. CHINA – The country’s forex percentage is 1.7 percent. China currently holds 1,054.1 tonnes of gold in reserve.

6. SWITZERLAND – The forex reserve percentage in Switzerland is currently eight percent, with the country being the lowest on this list to hold over 1,000 tonnes; the total currently announced as 1,040.1 tonnes.

7. RUSSIA – The country’s gold reserve total is just shy of 970 tonnes, which equates to 9.8 percent of its forex reserves.

8. JAPAN – The country’s reserves hover around 2 percent, with the official total reaching 765.2 tonnes.

9. NETHERLANDS – The country holds 52 percent of its forex reserve in gold, which currently totals 612.5 tonnes.

10. INDIA – The country currently holds 557.7 tonnes of gold, making up 9.9 percent of the country’s total forex reserve.


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