Top 10 Unicorn Startup List (January 2015)

They’re called “unicorns” — companies that have soared to a $1 billion valuation or higher, based on fundraising. The billion-dollar tech startup was once the stuff of myth, but now they seem to be everywhere, backed by a bull market and a new generation of disruptive technology.

See Fortune‘s Top 10 list of unicorn startups below, ranked by valuation and based on a combination of data from PitchBook, CB Insights, and news reports. Be forewarned: The valuations of these companies are in constant flux, and this list may not necessarily reflect the most recent estimates. Some startups may be acquired by larger companies; others may file for an IPO.

1. Xiaomi
Valuation: $46.0B
Sector: Consumer electronics
Headquarters: Beijing
Founded: 2010
Current CEO: Lei Jun

2. Uber
Valuation: $41.2B
Sector: Transportation
Headquarters: San Francisco
Founded: 2009
Current CEO: Travis Kalanick

3. Palantir
Valuation: $15.0B
Sector: Big data
Headquarters: Palo Alto
Founded: 2004
Current CEO: Alex Karp

4. Airbnb
Valuation: $13.0B
Sector: Lodging
Headquarters: San Francisco
Founded: 2008
Current CEO: Brian Chesky

5. Flipkart
Valuation: $10.6B
Sector: Internet retail
Headquarters: Bangalore
Founded: 2007
Current CEO: Sachin Bansal

6. Dropbox
Valuation: $10.4B
Sector: Cloud storage
Headquarters: San Francisco
Founded: 2007
Current CEO: Drew Houston

7. Snapchat
Valuation: $10.0B
Sector: Social media
Headquarters: Venice CA
Founded: 2012
Current CEO: Evan Spiegel

7. SpaceX
Valuation: $10.0B
Sector: Transportation
Headquarters: Hawthorne CA
Founded: 2002
Current CEO: Elon Musk

9. Theranos
Valuation: $9.0B
Sector: Laboratory services
Headquarters: Palo Alto
Founded: 2003
Current CEO: Elizabeth Holmes

10. Meituan
Valuation: $7.0B
Sector: Online deals
Headquarters: Beijing
Founded: 2010
Current CEO: Wang Xing



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