Top 10 influential people in Middle East oil and gas for 2014

A look at the most powerful and influential people in oil and gas within the Middle East and GCC (in particular) in 2014.

1. Khalid Al-Falih – President and CEO of Saudi Aramco.
2. Abdul Munim Saif Al-Kindy – CEO Adco.
3. Hussain Al-Sharistani – Iraqi deputy prime minister.
4. Mohammed Bin Hamad Al Rumhy – Minister of oil & gas, Oman.
5. Ali Bin Ibrahim Al-Naimi – Minister of Petroleum and mineral resources, KSA.
6. Wael Sawan – Executive Vice President and Chairman, Qatar Shell.
7. Saif Al Ghafli – CEO, Abu Dhabi Gas Development Company.
8. Hamad Rashid Al Mohannadi – Managing Director – Rasgas.
9. Abdullah Nasser Al Suwaidi – Director General Adnoc.
10. Raoul Restucci – Managing Director PDO Oman.

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Source: Arabian Industry


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