The June Institute of Directors (IoD) Policy Voice survey addressed the topics of diversity, devolution within the UK, short-termism, and Grexit. Below are some of the survey highlights:

  • The ability to motivate staff (90%), and having a clear vision (88%) are seen as key to effective management
  • 65% of members support plans to devolve additional powers to cities and sub-national regions
  • 58% support plans to introduce directly elected mayors, in return for local authorities receiving additional powers
  • But members worry that devolving tax powers to cities and regions will increase both the amount of tax their business pays (58%), and compliance costs (84%)
  • The risks of short-termism in business: strategic decisions sacrificed for short-term gains (89%) and capital misallocated as executives chase returns (60%) [see chart below]

The Ability to Motivate Staff and Having a Clear Vision are seen as Key to Effective Management


Source: June 2015 Policy Voice Survey, IoD