The Mobile On-Demand Funding Boom Has Cooled unless you are Uber or AirBnB

  • Funding in the mobile on-demand space has been quite slow in 2015 for the majority of startups, except for Uber and AirBnB who between them have raked in a total of $6.6B so far in 2015.
  • The promise of connecting mobile users with services ranging from food delivery to roadside assistance through the click of a button has prompted more than $14B of investment into the on-demand economy since 2010.
  • But funding is becoming tougher for the crowd of on-demand services outside of heavyweights Uber and AirBnB, according to new CB Insights data.
  • The charts below show the On-Demand Mobile Services Quarterly Financing Trends from Q1 2010 through to Q3 2015. The first graphic shows overall funding and deals during this period whilst the second graphic breaks it down further by highlighting funding with and without Uber & AirBnB – the difference is quite staggering to say the least.

ondemandq32015 ondemandnouberairbnb

Source: Courtesy of CB Insights – sign up at


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