Key Project Documents


Following on from my previous post, ‘Why do we need Project Documents?‘, it is not necessary to have every piece of project documentation to be completed for every project, although there are some key documents which should ideally be applied to all.

Key PRINCE2 Project Documents

(those highlighted in bold are key)

  • Project Brief
  • Risk Log
  • Project Approach
  • Initial Business Case – Refined Business Case (IP)
  • Product Descriptions
  • Quality Plan/Strategy (M/L projects)
  • Project Plan
  • PID
  • End Stage Review (M/L projects)
  • Stage Plans (M/L projects)
  • Change control process
  • Lessons Learned Report
  • End of project review (M/L projects).

The level of detail within project documents can and should be tailored to suit the project. For example, a Business Case for a small project may only contain one or two sentences for each heading, whereas a larger project may contain a much greater level of detail (or perhaps additional supporting documents).

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