More than 70% of UK Directors believe a banking crisis in the Euro zone and a breakdown in social cohesion in the UK will impact their organisations negatively in the next 12 months

The July Policy Voice survey addressed the topics of taxation, pay rises, the state of the economy and migrant entrepreneurs. Below are some of the survey highlights:

  • 80% think we should abolish import tariffs in return for others abolishing similar duties on UK exports
  • 78% agree to delay beyond 2020 eliminating fiscal deficit as a result of Brexit
  • 43% are cautious about the outlook for the overall economy, but 46% are optimistic about the outlook for their primary organisation over next year
  • 49% see no change in business investment outlook while 24% are looking to increase and 25% to decrease
  • If revenues fall, IoD members’ first actions would be: seek out new customers (62%), reduce regular running costs (57%)


Source: July 2016 Policy Voice Survey, IoD


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