Top 10 Universities in the World 2016

For the first time since international university league tables began, a university from the UK has been given the coveted title of “Top University in the World”. The university in question is Oxford University, who were ranked second in 2015 but has switched places with the former top university, California Institute of Technology.

The other UK Universities in the top 10 list are Cambridge and Imperial College London, who remain 4th and 8th respectively. Otherwise the list is again dominated with seven (7) universities from the U.S. including Stanford, MIT, and Harvard. The only non UK or US university to make the Top 10 again this year is ETH Zurich from Switzerland.


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1 (2) University of Oxford UK
2 (1) California Institute of Technology US
3 (3) Stanford University US
4 (4) University of Cambridge UK
5 (5) Massachusetts Institute of Technology US
6 (6) Harvard University US
7 (7) Princeton University US
8 (8) Imperial College London UK
9 (9) ETH Zurich Switzerland
=10 (13) University of California, Berkeley US
= 10 (10) University of Chicago US

Source: Times Higher Education. Figures in brackets represent 2015 placement;

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