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Top 10 Largest Companies in the World 2017

  • According to Bloomberg, the Top 10 largest companies by Market Capital in 2017 are dominated by US firms.
  • Tech giants Apple and Alphabet (Google) are way ahead of the pack. 
  • Alibaba and Tencent are the only Asian representatives and have made massive strides in the short life relative to their American counterparts. 

Top 10 Most Valuable Sports Teams 2017

According to the latest report by Forbes, the NFL outfit, Dallas Cowboys, is the most valuable sports brand in the world. 

1. Dallas Cowboys $4.2bn (£3.26bn) American football

2. New York Yankees $3.7bn (£2.87bn) baseball

3. Manchester United $3.69bn (£2.86bn) football

4. Barcelona $3.64bn (£2.82bn) football

5. Real Madrid $3.58bn (£2.78bn) football

6. New England Patriots $3.4bn (£2.64bn) American football

7. New York Knicks $3.3bn (£2.56bn) basketball

8. New York Giants $3.1bn (£2.4bn) American football

9. San Francisco 49ers $3bn (£2.33bn) American football

10. Los Angeles Lakers $3bn (£2.33bn) basketball

Source: Forbes

Bitcoin and Blockchain – Annual Deals On Pace To Drop For First Time


  • Since data records began for investment activity within the Blockchain & Bitcoin space, 2016 is on course to record its first decrease in the number of deals.
  • As for funding, so far in 2016 (Q1 to Q3 inclusive), the top 5 largest rounds took 62% of all funding to blockchain and bitcoin startups.

Insurtech – Investment Activity Roundup H1 2016

  • In the first half of 2016, the number of deals to insurance focused startup companies jumped by 48% when compared to the same period in 2015.
  • But funding has fallen by the same percentage i.e. 48% in H1 2016 when compared to 2015.

Source: CBInsights


  • What are insurtechs? These startups are leveraging new technology and a better understanding of consumer expectations to decrease inefficiencies in the insurance industry. Some are helping incumbents deliver better end products, while others are directly competing with legacy players.

Wearables Tech – Funding jumps in 2016 but Deals are stagnant

  • If the current trend continues for the rest of 2016, global investments into Wearables Tech will see a slight increase in deals compared to 2015 (92 vs 91).
  • However, funding is expected to surge in 2016 by at least 400% in comparison to 2015, mostly due to Florida-based Magic Leap.


Source: CB Insights

Global Wearables Shipment Forecast By Device (2013 – 2021)


  • In 2016, it is estimated that wearable devices shipped worldwide will reach 100 million.
  • By 2021, this figure will increase 100% to around 200 million devices globally.
  • Smartwatches will have an important part to play in this expected growth market, hence the likes of Samsung and Apple are continuing to invest heavily in this space.


Source: Business Insider

Top 5 Most Active Celebrity Investors since 2007

Since 2007, the top 75 celebrity investors by number of deals have participated in over 350 funding rounds totaling approximately $4.6B to private companies.

The year 2015 was the most active investment year on record for these celebrities, when they contributed to roughly $2B invested across 101 deals to private tech companies.

So far in 2016, we have seen celebrity investors—including actors, athletes, and musicians—participate in approximately 42 deals totaling nearly $500M.


Source: CB Insights –

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Tech – More than 40 private companies working to advance AI Tech have been acquired in 2016

According to our friends at CB Insights, nearly 140 private companies working to advance AI Tech have been acquired since 2011. So far in 2016 the number of acquisitions has reached over 40. ]

The timeline map below provides an excellent oversight of acquisitions in this space by corporate giants like Google, IBM, Yahoo, Intel, Apple, and Salesforce (since January 2011 to July 2016 – inclusive).


Source: CBInsights /

Global On-demand Investments – Funding fell to a two-year low in Q2 2016 whilst Deal count increased due to a growing number of smaller international deals

In Q3 2016, deal activity increased slightly from Q2 2016, while overall funding to the On-Demand sector (includes companies that allow users to book services or order goods in real-time, generally via mobile, and receive them same-day or soon after) has fallen significantly to a 2-year low, according to CB Insights data.


Source: Courtesy of CB Insights – sign up at

Most Active Corporate Venture Capital Firms. We have some way to go!

We all have aspirations, whether they be personal, for family, for work, for society, and for mankind. I am no different when it comes to these aspects of my life, but for this post my focus is on (part of) my business and my passion – venture capital!
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Medical Device Tech – Funding is on track to reach $3.5B in 2016

  • Medical device funding is on track to reach $3.5B in 2016, which will be a slight increase over the 2015 dollar total.
  • Since 2012, the majority of funding to medical device startups has taken place in the U.S., with New Enterprise Associated (NEA) leading venture capital activity and Johnson & Johnson Innovation leading corporate investment.
  • Here is an excellent infographic from CB Insights showing the medical device market map:


Euro Pacific Bank – Offshore Banking in the Caribbean | Offshore Private Banking | Pioneer in Bank Safety

Meedah Group Limited is an Authorised & Registered Partner for Euro Pacific Bank Limited. The bank was established in 2011 and is an international bank, brokerage, mutual fund, and more.


Infographic – The Most Well-Funded Tech Startups In Europe since 2014

This infographic courtesy of CB Inights shows the top tech startups mapped by European country, as determined by funding totals. They include Spotify (Finland), Delivery Hero (Germany), Deliveroo (UK), Bla Bla Car (France), and Cardtek (Turkey).

Source: CB Insights